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    You are to answer only 2
    Questions only.


    The street child is an epitome of the Faceless
    n the slum Sodom and Gomorrah. Like the
    title suggests, they’re without a reputable identity.
    The children have been abandoned by their irresponsible
    parents to fend for themselves under the most perilous
    and miserable circumstance

    The society does not value or notice their
    existence as worthwhile. They are wrapped up in
    streetism and gangsterism hence their presence becomes negative.
    Poverty is a Constant presence in their lives giving them out to their havoc they indulge in everyday.
    Furthermore, these hopless children are in all
    manner abused including degilement, child-labour,
    child-trafficking and violence. They are often
    victim of vicious cycle. The girls among them are
    forced into prostitution, leaving them physically,
    psychologically and emotionally devastated

    Fofo, the protagonist, has being a victim of
    attempted rape by Poison, a street lord who has terrorized the slum. It took courage from
    her to resist and flee for her dear life.

    Kabria and Mute hope to give the faceless a face,
    an identity. The Mute women are all outro help these children get a life for themselves
    and a new beginning.
    Uncle Deyo: He was Ajumobi’s bossom friend when Ajumobi was alive. He is a responsible friend and takes his friend’s family as his even after his friend’s demise. He helps Yaremi with difficult chores like mending of the leaking roof of her house and rebuilding the walls of her mud house. In other words Uncle Deyo conducts Alani round his fathers property. His fathers farm lies fallow, begging for attention. At the end of the trip, it is clear that Alani is not interested in his fathers property. He returns to the house annoyed and disappointed. He regales his mother with stories of his progress, comfort and pleasure in the city and a city girl he is planning to marry. Soon, he begins to dress up to leave for the city, to the utter amazement of his mother, leaving critical issues unattended to.
    Yaremi is yet to recover from the shock of her sons strange behaviour when the village elders announce the punitive measures taken against her: her husbands property is to be confiscated and she is to start packing her things for an immediate exile. With this last tragedy that seems like the straw that broke the camels back, one would think that Yaremi would give up all hope of redemption. But with courage and determination, she vows to fight to the last drop of her blood. If she must be sent into exile, then it must be her dead body.
    Question 6. 
    The trial marks the final stage in determining the fate of Bigger Thomas as well as the resolution of the conflict in the story. 
    From the presentation of both the defence and prosecution counsels, the role of public option or feeling in court judgement in highlighted. This is suggested by the attempt of each of the counsels to get this on his side. Each tries to whip up sentiments for or against his opponents as deemed appropriate. 
    At this trail of Bigger Thomas, he is not only on trial but his lawyer also tries to argue that the entire system is also on trial. Lawyer Max Boris argues that a system which produce Bigger Thomas is equally culpable as well as Bigger. Bigger Thomas crime is killing Mary Dalton and Bessie but his Lawyer argument is that the discrimination and racism is also responsible for Bigger Thomas crime. Everyone that benefits from capitalism and racism is equally on trial just as Bigger Thomas.
    Women of Kufi are workabolics, rising with the sun and sleeping with the moon. Their work is unceasing, ranging from working on the farm, cooking food and washing of dishes, taking care of their children and showering affection on their husbands. They take their responsibility with grace and cheerfulness, seldom complaining and striking compromises almost all the time. They eat after their husbands and children have had their fill. They sit quietly to watch their husbands to detect their moods, pleasure and dispositions. They always look forward to the birth of their next babies which would secure for them the enhanced status of motherhood and wifehood.
    In Kufi, women face common challenges of which competition between wives for the affection and love of their man ranks the highest. Men are free to take as many wives as they think will satisfy them. These wives of a man usually fight and argue over who becomes the favourite of their man. The youngest wife usually wins as men prefer younger women to older, experienced ones.
    Meanwhile the women, whose husbands are still alive, are secretly envying Yaremis independence of mans authority. Yaremis business is booming and she never misses an opportunity to share her good fortune with others. This increases her influence in the society. Gradually, she becomes influencial and popular in the society. This development does not go down well with men. It poses a threat to their authority and status. They want their women submissive and pliable.
    There are men who are attracted by Yaremis personality. They try to sweet talk her into marrying them.
    Irony: saying one thing and meaning another. It is also an amusing or strange aspect of a situation that is very different from what you expect. It is ironical that men who accuse widows of killing their husbands would turn around to ask for the hands of the widows in marriage. One would expect the men to stay away from these widows who allegedly killed their husbands. It is equally ironical that Dedewe, Fayoyin, and Radeke who suffered humiliation and assault in the hands of men should turn around and encourage Yaremi to pick a new man to replace her dead husband.

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