NABTEB English Language (OBJ, Essay And Oral) Answer – May/June Expo

NABTEB English language Obj And Theory/Essay Questions and Answer – May/June 2017 Expo Runz

Wednesday 31st May 2017
English Language (Essay & Obj & Oral) 9.00a.m-1.10p.m
Civic Education (Essay & Obj) 3.00p.m-5.50p.m
Answer one question from this section.
All questions carry equal marks. Your answer should not be less than 400 words except where otherwise stated. You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this section.
1) Write a letter to your uncle abroad asking for financial assistance to enable you set up a business related to your course of study on the completion of your training. Describe the steps you intend to take to ensure the success of the business.
2) You have just been elected the president of the Students’ Union in your school. Write a speech indicating at least three areas you wish to effect changes.
3) Write an article for publication in a national newspaper on the topic: ‘The Qualities of a Responsible Citizen’.
4) Your team organised a practical session recently in your course area. Write a comprehensive report.
Distinguished Guest
Lecturers, colleagues 
Fellow students, 
Ladies and gentlemen. 
First of all I feel so happy to be here in giving my immense gratitude to the support and trust given by my schoolmate and the students who are concern about the student Union business A look back to previous years, I spent in the student Union, I was able to learn a great deal. I have learnt to be independent, to be responsible, and the most important one is to work as a team and having almost the same goal to complete all these valuable experience were appreciated the must within the memories I have. 
  In line with my oath of office and the dignity I impose into myself to serve with honour and sincerity. I will like to make amendment or total change to the following areas:
1)Our Institution Has been given all sort of names by other sister Institutions and the people in our neighborhood as an institution that allows indecent dressings by both male and female students with your support and co-operation all these must stop so that the bad names people have tagged us with can be removed and  exchanged with good and decent one
2)Most of our parents are just struggling to pay our school fees, not that they have enough. It will then be unwise of us to allow the school authority continue with the exorbitant school fees they are charging us. I will table this before the management and make them see reasonss why they must reduce the fees at least by half so that the common man can pay fees of their children with ease. Let me say here that if they refused, we shall invoke the spirit of Aluta on them
3)Our Institution is not a secondary school where students would be confine to wearing uniform. The issue of departmental uniform wearing on Monday and Thursday must stop. We should be allowed to wear any clothes to school so far that they are neat and decent. 
   Here, I promise  to be a good leader and lead the students Union become brighter in the future, focusing on being the bridge between the institution and my fellow students and to stand up for the student`s opinions. 
   Lastly, I promise to work hard to strive for the benefits of the student  with all my members
                        Honourable Smart
Kaman’s greatest disappointment was the way the woman he met at the river honia give him a cold and Stern look on his way back to the village. He thought he would be given a hero’s welcome, because he had fought for their land. 
The first familiar thing he saw was river honia, where so often he had taken both in the past. 
The women’s attitudes towards him was very unfriendly, he was given a cold and hard looked. 
He had been force to leave home earlier because he was arrested by security officers for fighting authority and was in favour of his village. 
i)Adjectival clause
ii)it give more information about the noun “Wanjiku” 
ii)Apparent——— Visble/obvious
iv)Worn out——–Exhausted/fatigue
The following are the six(6)steps adapted by the Auctioneer during the auction process :-
i)Advertisement to the general public regarding the description of the goods to be sold. 
ii)communication the venue and the time of the auction through the advertisement. 
iii)Preparation of the auction ground where the Auctioneer will meet and address the people who come to bid for the gods to be sold. 
iv)Accept the bid from the members of the crowd 
v)Selling the goods to the highest bidder
vi)Inviting the crowd to make an offer

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