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NABTEB 2017 Literature in English (Drama & Poetry) Expo Answer

NABTEB Literature in English (Drama & Poetry) Obj And Theory/Essay Questions and Answer – May/June 2017 Expo Runz


This is the central theme of the play. The main idea is that a man reaps what he sows. All the corrupt characters are brought to book in the end. Chief is convicted and sentenced to twenty-five years in imprisonment with hard labour and ordered to refund the embezzled funds. This punishment is his harvest of corruption.
-The humiliation suffered by Aloho for drug trafficking, her pregnancy and death also portray her harvest of corruption.
-Ochuole and Madam Hoha are sentenced to ten years in imprisonment with hard labour while Madam Hoha’s hotel is also sealed. This is their harvest of corruption.
-Justice Odili and the Commissioner of Police are sentenced to twenty years in imprisonment for receiving bribe. Ayo, the clerk is also punished as he is sentenced to five years imprisonment for receiving a bribe.
The author illustrates the bribery, large-scale embezzlement in official quarters, drug trafficking, sexual immorality perpetuated by highly placed personalities who are supposed to be policy makers and law enforcement officers.
Frank Ogodo Ogbeche shows how corruption permeates government institutions and every fabric of the society as well as the devastating effect corruption has on our everyday life.
Tony Lumpkin – Son of Mrs Hardcastle and stepson to Mr Hardcastle, Tony is a mischievous, uneducated playboy. Mrs. Hardcastle has no authority over Tony, and their relationship contrasts with that between Hardcastle and Kate. He is promised in marriage to his cousin, Constance Neville, yet he despises her and thus goes to great effort to help her and Hastings in their plans to leave the country. He cannot reject the impending marriage with Constance, because he believes he’s not of age. Tony takes an interest in horses, “Bet Bouncer” and especially the alehouse, where he joyfully sings with working-class people. It is Tony’s initial deception of Marlow, for a joke, which sets up the plot. In other words Son of Mrs. Hardcastle from an earlier marriage, and known for his free-wheeling ways of drinking and tomfoolery. Loves to play practical jokes. Proves to be good-natured and kind despite his superficial disdain for everyone. His mother wants him to marry Constance but he is set against the idea.
Dinner tonight comes with gun wounds. Our desert tongues lick the vegetable bloodthe pepper strong enough to push scorpions up our heads. Guests look into the oceans of bowls as vegetables die on their tongues.
The Dining Table is chiefly influenced by his experiences during the eleven-year Sierra Leonean war when guerrillas
(an irregular armed force that fights stronger regular forces such as the army or police) started a movement against the nation’s corrupt government. Though the war was between the government and the guerrillas, it affected the civilian population in no small measure. At the centre of the conflict is the control of Sierra Leonean diamonds. In Other Words The Dining Table is a serious poem that records what the poet witnessed during the SierraLeonean war.
i)The use of Antithesis
ii)The use of Biblican allusion
iii)The use of Apostrophe
iv)The use of Alliteration
v)The use of Anaphora
vi)The use of Oxymoron
vii)The use of Personification
viii)The use of Metaphor
ix)The use of Iversion
x)The use of Dramatic Mnologue
xi)The use of Rhtorical question
xii)The use of Sarcasm
xiii)The use of Prefiguration
xiv)The use of Synecdoche
xv)The use of Cotraction


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