Review: State auto home insurance review in 2022


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What is State Auto Insurance

State auto home insurance review

State auto insurance is an insurance company first known as Automobile insurance company and was established in 1921. Presently, the state auto insurance premiums can be found in 33 states and it has an estimated value of $2billion. Not only having a value of $2billion, it has numerous assets worth over 4.6billion in total. It’s policies varies, it includes auto, homeowners, renters and farm products. There are many state auto offices in Texas, Midwest and Tennessee, but the main headquarters is located in Columbus Ohio.

What is State Auto home insurance

State auto home insurance review

State auto home insurance is one of the type of insurance which the state auto provides. This type of insurance involves the protection against damages on an individual property or home. It has three different types of packages— premier, protection plus and standard.

The most standard package has the most customized policy. You get an additional coverage with the protection plus for home owners. This coverage includes—golf cart rental protection, lock replacement and freezer content. Premier increases the limits of the coverage, it includes coverage for items such as jewelry, collectibles, silverware and art.
The state auto home insurance provides many types of coverage.
This coverage include:
Blanket personal property, service line, discounts, water backup, Home system protection and earthquake etc.

State Auto currently has the best AM excellent rating for financial strength, which enables the company to pay out of claims. The financial strength of a policyholder is measured by the AM best ratings based on different factors. This factors involves credit and financial measurement.
For J.D power surveys, it does not make it into the ratings. However, claims handling and overall customer satisfaction are included in the customer service review.
Currently, different complaints have been made against the auto insurance part registered with the NAIC. These complaints are up to eight and it is more connected to additional charges on consumer’s statements.

What is the best aspect of state auto insurance

State auto home insurance review

For those who reside in a place where State auto insurance provides a policy, it might be an affordable option worth choosing. Providing different insurance policies to customers has been part of the company’s history. Its ratings are excellent with AM best, showing the company’s financial strength and capacity.

State auto insurance may be worth looking into, if the one-on-one method of working with an agent is more preferable for you. Currently, through a local agent you can be able to purchase policies, get quotes and make modifications to former policies.
State auto insurance provides many policy products for those looking for a carrier to purchase multiple policies like—auto, business and homeowners. One benefits of purchasing multiple policies from one carrier is that it may save time and provide additional discounts for you.

Normally, the state Auto policies are in three different categories which include; auto, Farm and homeowners. Different types of policies have emerged from these categories and they include;
Dwelling fire, Condo, Renters, business auto, liability, umbrella, risk engineering, and business property, etc.


How to obtain quote from state auto insurance

State auto home insurance review

If you want to obtain a quote from State auto, you have to go through a local agent to get a quote. To find a local agent to work with in your location, you have to search online, on the carrier’s website and put in your ZIP code to discover a licensed insurance agent.

State auto gives discount for safe driving for additional savings. Drivers can sign in for the state auto safety 360 telamatics program. By connecting through Bluetooth to the app and placing a tag on the windshield of your vehicle you save up to 10% by just signing up. Your potential savings depending on your good driving pattern may be up to 50% on your state auto policy. This is according to the state auto website.

What are the State auto home insurance packages

State auto home insurance review

State auto home insurance review

It is important to note that state auto insurance is not licensed in all states, it is only licensed in 33 states. If you want to know if policies are in your area, then you have to work with a local agent.

State auto home insurance allows you to select packages suitable for you depending on the coverage you want. It has different standards which includes;
Replacement cost value, it makes payment for a new replacements for stolen property or damaged property, in place of their reduced value.
If your identity is stolen, ID fraud expense service covers you, it provides at least $10,000 for recovery service of identity theft.

Protection plus includes—Lock replacement coverage, when you loose your key or it was stolen, lock replacement coverage pays for your locks to be changed.
A payment of up to $1,000 is made by Freezer contents if your refrigerator incurs a damage due to power breakdown or outrage.
Payments for injuries or damage incurred due to golf cart rental is covered by Golf cart rental coverage.

It offers Homextended endorsement packages which includes more coverage for belongings and your home. This coverage are GPS and Mobile phone coverage which makes payment for the repairing or replacement of your items. This payment is up to $500 each.
There is more optional coverage offered by the insurer, E.g blanket personal property such as jewelry.
There is also the fire extinguisher coverage, this is mainly for recharging or to replace your fire extinguisher

Car insurance from State Auto

State Auto offers 3 main kinds of auto insurance packages: Standard, Protection Plus, and AutoXtended Premier. Each package offers a different level of coverage and allows you to tailor your vehicle insurance policy to your specific needs.

The Standard package makes it easy to create a policy that just includes the coverages you choose. In addition to the coverages you choose, the Protection Plus and AutoXtended Plus plans each offer a few more benefits. For instance, the Protection Plus plan includes $500 in pet coverage as well as Accident Forgiveness.

The AutoXtended Premier package has the same amount of coverages as the AutoXtended Standard package, but with higher limits, including $750 for pet coverage and $1,000 for cell phone coverage.

Wrap up

This State auto home insurance review is for the whole aim of getting a better appraisal of state auto home insurance. According to this state auto home insurance review, it can seen that state auto covers a wide range of packages and policies, choosing state auto home insurance would be a very good choice. It covers home system protection and provides variety of coverage including water backup, earthquake coverage, etc. state auto is one of the best insurance company to sign up for due to its coverage. Although it’s auto insurance is best amongst its packages but its home insurance also covers a wide range of packages which a policyholder will benefit from.

Getting a home insurance is also very important because it protect against damages that may occur in your home and otherwise.

State auto home insurance review

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