WAEC 2019 Geography Obj and Essay Answer – May/June Expo

100% Correct and Real WAEC 2019 Geography Answer Obj and Essay– May/June Expo WAEC 2019 Geography ANSWER Verified WAEC 2019 Geography ANSWER

(i) Availability of labour
(ii) Availability of capital
(iii) Nearness to source of power
(iv) Adequate transport network
(v) Nearness to market
(vi) Proximity to source of raw materials.
(i) It creates more employment
(ii) It increases state and local government revenue
(iii) It brings development
(iv) It brings civilization
(v) It also brings new technologies
total population = 3.2+5.4+7.4+6.5+4.2
= 26.7million
Total land area = (40,000+98,000+35,000+120,000+36,000)km^2
= 479,000km^2
Population density of country B= Total population of B/Land area of B
= 26,000,000/ 479,000
= 557.41 person/sqkm
Areas with well developed farming of crops or animals are often densely populated.
(ii) Secondary industry
Those areas in which manufacturing has developed tend to be densely populated. It is worth noting that even in old industrial areas in which manufacturing has declined or even closed, population densities may remain high.
(iii) Accessibility
Areas with well developed transport infrastructure and links through road, rail, shipping, canals and air are likely to be more densely populated than areas which are poorly connected
Wars and conflicts can lead to significant movements of population and a simultaneous decrease in density in some areas while others may increase.
(i)Healthcare/access to health care/medical technology/ability to fight or prevent disease
(ii)Availability of birth control/availability of family planning education/use of birth control
(iii)Culture-social norms, values, and traditions (the use of contraception, the age at which marriage is socially acceptable, religious beliefs on family planning, gender equality, etc.)
(Number 3)
(Pick three)
(I)it provide door to door services ie it can get to anywhere within the country
(II)it makes goods available where they are scare
(III)Road facilitate the movement of people within a short distance
(IV)it feeds water ,rail and air transportation
(V)It is the most common means of transportation
(Pick three)
(I)Roads are very expensive to construct and maintain
(II)Roads are difficult to construct, especially in highlands and swampy areas
(III)Amount of goods and passengers carried by roads is limited
(IV)Road are more proned to accident than any other means of transportation
(V)They are more proned to damage,especially washouts caused by heavy rain
(Pick four)
(I)Agricultural raw material such as cocoa ,cotton,palm produce ,timber etc are mostly conveyed by road to the processing factories scattered all over the country
(II)it leads to increased agricultural, mineral and industrial production
(III)It aids the movement of people or labour and capital
(IV)it gives rise to employment opportunities
(V)It links areas of production with areas of com sump in a country
Draw the map and locate
(Pick any THREE)
(i) Groundnut requires a wide plain for easy cultivation.
(ii) It requires a rainfall of 50 – 100cm per annum.
(iii) It requires a loose Sandy soil which makes planting and harvesting easy.
(iv) It requires long dry season for fruits to be dried
(Pick any FOUR)
(i) It aids in boosting the GNDP of the country
(ii) It creates employment for the citizens
(iii) It helps in creating the availability of oil used for domestic purposes.
(iv) It is a source of income to the populates as it boosts the per capital income of the populates.
(v) It is a source of foreign exchange
(vi) It provides market for industrial goods.
(pick 4)
(i) Tin
(ii) Gold
(iii) Coal
(iv) Iron ore
(v) Limestone
(vi) Petroleum
(i) Tin – Jos
(ii) Gold – ilesa and sokoto
(iii) Coal – Enugu
(iv) Iron ore – Lokoja, Enugu
(v) Limestone – Sokoto, Ewekoro
(vi) Petroleum – Warri, Port Harcourt
(i) It is a source of foreign exchange
(ii) Employment opportunities
(iii) It serves as raw materials for many industries
(i) oil spillage
(ii) Health hazard which causes lung cancer
(iii) The natural gas and oil occur together and oil is highly flammableAvoid Scammers, Always subscribe to Expospy.com to get Verified WAEC Geography Answer. 

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