WAEC GCE 2018 Government (Obj & Essay) Answer – Nov/Dec Expo

 WAEC GCE 2018 Government (Obj & Essay) Answer - Nov/Dec Expo

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Government Obj
Answer 2 questions only in section A
a. Majority rule: Democratic government is generally interpreted as rule by majority. The majority must however guarantee minority rights. It allows for mass participation of the citizens in government and the protection of minority interests. 
b. Political power belongs to the members of the community as a whole. 
c. Guarantee of fundamental human rights such as personal liberty, freedom of association, right to life, freedom of speech and expression. 
d. Free and fair elections at regular intervals to prevent the emergence of president for life. The periodic election is a device to secure political accountability in a Democratic society. 
The elections must be secret ballot to prevent intimidation of the electorate, particularly, the political opponents 
e. Existence of separation of powers and checks and balances among the organs of government to forestall arbitrariness
a. Political participation refers to active involvement in the political affairs of the state. It also involves the attitudes and predisposition of citizens to political issues and public policy as well as their support to the political system.
i. Voting during elections 
ii competing for political offices 
iii holding a protest March or organizing a boycott and instigating a legal suit against the government
iv joining a political party 
*Answer 2 questions in section B*
a. Policy of assimilation : integration of educated African elite into French system was a great privilege. They enjoyed equal rights as there was no discrimination in civil service etc. Consequently, as civil servants, they could not revolt or agitate for anything since the system benefited them. 
b. People’s welfare : the policy if assimilation, instead if contributing to the people’s well being endangered it socially, economically and politically. 
c. No freedom of the press: this mad it difficult for the people to criticize government activities. The press, which was supposed to be the people’s mouthpiece was censored. 
d. Indigent policy : the existence of this policy threatened the liberty of Africans. They we’re subjected to arbitrary arrests and imprisonment.
e. Minor political offices : the election of Africans into the French chamber as deputies also reduced the urge for nationalist activities
a. Human resources : the human resources, the size and quality of the population of Nigeria affect her foreign policy formulation. 
b. The economic resources : the economic resources available help to shape and formulate her foreign policy objectives 
c. Ideological disposition of the rulers: if the leaders are capitalist or socialist oriented, any of these can affect the country’s foreign policy 
d. Historical background : Nigeria was colonised by Britain and this colonial experience can affect her foreign policy. 
e. Globalization: events and values e.g, democracy happening globally can affect Nigeria’s foreign policy 


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