NECO 2018 Agricultural Science Answer – June/July Expo

National Examination Council – Agric Science Practical Solution Questions and Answer – June/July 2018 NECO Expo Runz

A – Knapsack sprayer
B – Watering can
(i) Carry out a pre-operation service and prepare the sprayer for the job.
(ii) Mark out a calibration plot in the area to be sprayed with a peg in each corner.
(iii) Fill the sprayer to a known level, or use a permanent marker to
mark the tank and fill it to that line.
Early stage
Knapsack sprayer
Specimen A
(i) It has nozzle
(ii) It is calibrated
Specimen B:
(i) It has handle
(ii) It has a spout
(i) Store in a cool dry place
(ii) Clean and dry after use
(iii) Use silica gel packs or rust collector to prevent rusting
Specimen C=Sandy soil
Specimen D=Loamy soil
Specimen E=Clay soil
Specimen C
i)By mulching the soil
ii)By Application of farmyard manure
Specimen E
i)Addition of organic manure
ii)Addition of lime to reduce  the acidity in the soil
(Specimen E)
(Pick two)
i)it is fine grained
ii)it is plastic in nature
iii)clay soils are poorly drained and aerated
iv)it support water logging and erosion
i)Hand texture method
ii)Separation by sieving
iii)Separation by sedimentation
(i) It is rich in organic matters
(ii) It’s dark nature brings about decaying of organic matters
(iii) It is contains high amount of soil micro organisms
F: Yam tuber
G: Cassava Root
H: Ginger rhizome
F:root tuber
G:stem tuber
Spec F
I)yam mosaic disea
ii)yam rot 
Spec G
I)cassava mosaic virus
ii)Bacteria blight
Spec F yam setts
Spec G stem cutting
Spec H rhizome
I)ginger drink
ii)ginger coffee
Specimen I- broiler
Specimen J- catfish 
Specimen K – snail
i)Gumboro disease 
ii)Fowl pox disease 
iii)Newcastle disease 
i)They are micro decomposers 
ii)Source of food(protein)
iii)Source of income to the farmers.
Specimen j 
i) smoking 
iii) cooking 
iv) canning 
v) freezing 
vi) sun drying 
Specimen K

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