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NECO Biology Practical Answer – 2018 June/July Expo

NECO Biology Practical Answer and Theory/Essay Answer
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Specimen A – Elephant Grass. 
Specimen B- Grasshopper 
Specimen C- Lizard. 
Specimen D – Housefly. 

Specimen B – Insecta 
Specimen C – Reptilia in the sub-phylum vertebrata. 

Specimen D
Houseflies serve as intermediate hosts for several parasitic worms Eg Round worms in their developmental stage.

Specimen B: 
(i) Has fore and hind wing for flight. 
(ii) Has cuticle to minimize loss of water. 
(iii) Has antenna for feeling. 

Specimen C: 
(i) limbs are developed for movement on land. 
(ii) dry scaly skin to protect it from drying up. 
(iii) its digits end in claws for grasping and climbing


G – Coconut fruits. 
H – Cashew fruits. 
I – Tomato fruits. 
J – Tridax fruits. 

In a tabular form:
G | Wind | The flowers do not produce scent
H | Animal | Some flowers have coloured calyx
I | Animal | The flowers do not produce nectar
J | wind | It possesses honey guide

In a tabular form 
Under G:
-It has a based and stony endocarp. 
-It undergoes marginal placentation. 
-Coconut Fruit is dry indehiscent
-It has hard epicarp. 

Under I:
-It has scattered scent. 
-It undergoes axile placentation. 
-Tomato is a dry dehiscent. 
-It has a fleshy epicarp. 


(i) Flamboyant flower
(ii) Filament 
(iii) Style 
(iv) Sepal 

Filament: it attaches the base of the flower and support the anther
Style: it assist with fertilization by being the location where pollen tubes travel to deliver sperm cells to the egg
Petals: it attracts pollination such as butterflies, bees and bats
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