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NABTEB 2018 English Obj and Essay Answer – May/June Expo

English OBJ:

Answer one question from this section

Write a letter to ministry of health and environment stating at least 3 ways the public can be enlightened on the need of keeping the environment clean.

Your head of department has requested that you give useful suggestions on what the school needs to do in other to meet up the  modern technology in your course area. Write  your contributions

Write an article for publication in the national newspaper on the topic ” the role of youths in nation building”

As an out going student in your department, you have been asked to address the newly admitted students on your  experiences including gains and challenges in your course. Write speech.


Writers address
(43 Airport Road,
Kwara State.
21st May 2018)

Recipient address
(Federal ministry of health, New federal Secretariat complex,
Phase III
Ahmadu Bello Way,
Abuja Nigeria.

  Dear sir,
I am honoured that you have agreed to serve Nigerians as the new minister of health and environment. Belated congratulations on your appointment with your experience as a health minister.

The rate at which the public are enlightened on keeping the surrounding clean in some societies are regarded as very low due to not creating public awareness and enlightenment to the public.

Organizing seminars is a good way of educating the public on the need of keeping the surrounding clean to promote their hygiene and health States. This will enable the public to learn more on how to jointly take good care of their environment with ease and harmony.

Furthermore using mass media such as radio, is one of the outstanding ways of enlightening the public in the sense that radio jingles on health and environmental sanitation can help create awareness to the people constantly because it is learnt that information is power. Radio jingles on environmental sanitation help to promote social inclusions across the poles of the country. It is flexible as it keeps the public reminded about keeping the environment clean.

In conclusion setting health agencies can also promote keeping the surrounding clean made know to the public. The health agencies shoulder the responsibility of monitoring hazards including newly emerging diseases. They have the legal and constitutional responsibility of protecting the health of the public by setting up extension programs.

Sir, I believe this few points of mine will push out the health committee in enlightening the public on the importance of keeping the environment clean and tidy. Thanks.
            Yours faithfully
            Your name.


The role of youths In nation building can not be underestimated because the vision of the country lies in the hands of the youths. They are filled with tremendous and towering ambition. It will be a great wastage of human resources if these youths are not given opportunities to exercise their talents. This lands needs the youths in order for our soil to be a brighter one. The primary goal of the young people is to get good education in order to become better citizens of tomorrow. They learn skills to do the job their country’s economy needs. They also need to know how to think,understand and analyse and discus the issues their country faces.  The entire success of a nation depends on the youths. However in order for a continuous success, I is the responsibility of the government to provide the these youths with proper facilities for getting equipped with the modern era.
Youths are the spring of life, it is the age of discovery and dreams. They have the power to transform the nation into a better place. They also have the ability to lead their fellow citizens into the right decision. Youths are fighters, they fight for identity in the society, equality, bullying, unemployment, exploitation, poverty and the problems the world faces today. All of them hope for a world full of opportunities, so great minds, can conquer them and become better individuals. They need good morals and values to handle conflicts in a positive way. We have aspiring doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists who can contribute immensely to building a nation. The role of youths is the most important in today’s time. They have underplayed themselves in the field of politics. Youths are strong forces in social movement. Youths are problem solvers our nation needs to resolve most of our problems. I believe the youths are capable of solving them if the opportunity is given to them.

(Your name)


Good morning, members of the institute, students and gentlemen.
I am very pleased and honoured to speak to you today on be half of mass communication, I hope you feel as excited as I am to part of this moment. I want to draw your attention to the gains and challenges of studying mass communication as a. Course.
I chose to take up mass communication because It is a course that opens many doors to different types of opportunities, it helps in building personality and over come shyness which is one of the reasons I chose mass communication because I have great lots of opportunities for that reason. As a course mass communication is definitely a fun yet tough course to study during my diploma. I have got hands on filming, writing, documentation, screen play, organising events, photography,broadcast and lots more. The gains of study this course is the ability to write and speak orally, persuasive and negotiation skills, idea evaluation nd attention to details. I might not be as interested as journalism or advertisement as I am with the more creative part of the course.but all in all is very exciting and I do enjoy it. It is very challenging and the only way you can build your self up as a person is through taking challenges. No matter how many times you fall you can always get up as long as you don’t give up and that’s when you know toy are already a winner.
One of the challenges I found in studying the course is the aspect of mandatory sponsorship. It became so challenging to me in most aspect of the. Course which deals with spending a lot on advertisements among others. Because the. Course is really an expensive one. But as time goes on I was able to fight myself through thus challenges. Surely you will face challenges and predicament but despite that dont forget to hold on the character that is very crucial that will b your reflection tomorrow on how you will build a strong foundation I yourself, peers and in school. As I have a noteworthy quotation from a philosopher ” experience is truly the best teacher.” As the end of academic year 2017-2018. Once again good morning and congratulations.


The grand mother is related to the authors mother in the statement “receiving the vigorous attentions of my maternal grand mother”

A stone is washed,brought to red hot and sterilized. Then a piece of cotton is dipped in glass water, pressed and its pressed on the red hot stone, which on cooling a bit is applied on the birth cord. A continuous practise of such makes the birth cord drop off.

– used in grinding of cooking ingredients
– it is also used in treating the birth cord

The yelling of the baby and the in take of a dose from the grand mother.

(i) noun phrase
(ii) it serves as subject of the sentence/verb “is”

(i) Impression – belief
(ii) Protest – dissatisfaction, combat and struggle
(iii)Scoops – pours
(iv)Thouroughly – carefully, well
(v)Splutter – yelled


The aims of indigenous education includes
(i) To bequeath the cultural values from one  generation to another

(ii)The transformation of culture to a better stage for prosperity purpose.

(i) Patriotism should be the watch word of any trained person in traditional Nigerian education

(ii) Indigenous education students must be able to prepare for his future.

(iii) His values must be in accordance with the value system of the society



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