WAEC 2018 Biology Practical Question and Answer – May/June Expo


A- water 

B- decaying plant and animal matter 



A) A phylum is Artropoda, class is insecta 

B- phylum is Artropoda, class is insecta 




i) well developed head with mouth brushes 

ii) on large thorax with no legs 

iii) segmented abdomen 


i) reduced head 

ii) legless

iii) mouth parts at the pointed end


1c) in tabular form 


I) mosquito larvae can only survive in water 

ii) well developed head 

iii) mouth part in sucking 


i) maggots do not need a water habitat to survive 

ii) reduced head 

iii) mouth parts for biting and chewing 



i) both are legless 

ii) both have thorax 

iii) both have mouth parts 



i)C- Tilapia fish

D- Rat

E- Mango plant



(a)Presence of gill filament which helps in gaseous exchange

(b)Presence of gill rakers which traps particles that might damage the delicate gill filament

(c)Gill arch which is bony and holds the gulls filament in shape


i)• Both have thin surface

ii)• Both are moist



Under C

(a)Gill arch is present

(b)Gill filament is present

(c)Gill rackers is present

Under D

(a)Gill arch is absent

(b)Gill filament is absent

(c)Gill rackers is absent



(ai) Sepals, Petals, Carpels and Stamens

(ii) Sepals – 5

(iii) Petals – 5

(iv) Carpels – 1

(v) Stamen – 10

(4bi) Sex – monoecious 

(ii) presence of both Carpels and Stamens


i – Bilateral

ii – it can be cut vertically into two similar halves through one plane


K – insect

L – wind



In a tabular form; K and L 

Under K

(i) Has very bright colours. 

(ii) Single flower per stalk. 

(iii) Has petals.

(iv) Lacks bracts. 

Under L

(i) Lacks bright colours. 

(ii) Bears many flowers per stalk(influorescence).

(iii) Lacks petals. 

(iv) Has bracts.


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