(i) Serves as food for man

(ii) A good source of protein

(iii) The shell is used for vim making

(iv) Serves as income to farmers


B can be use to protect animal farm

C is use to stand or balance 


(i) Plate

(ii) Neck chain

(iii) Key holder



(i)For meat

(ii)For income 

(iiiFor manure, 

(iv)For skin and fur.





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(i)By Reducing stress in rabbits 

(ii)By segregation of affected animals


Endoparasite are rundworms and whipworms Ectoparasites are tick and lice



(i) By the use of chemicals

(ii) Through the use of biological method

(iii) By the use of predators

(iv) By physical method


(i) It destroys skin and hides of cattles

(ii) It destroys cattle’s fur

(iii) It reduces the blood of cattle

(iv) Its effect reduces the weight of cattle


(i) Lice

(ii) Flea

(iii) Ringworm


(i) Use of chemical called acaricide

(ii) Biological method

(iii) Proper sanitation

(iv) Through physical method







-It should not be mouldy

-It should have a pleasant smell

-It should be pale green in colour

-Most of its leaves should be intact


-It should be digestable

-It should be highly nutritious

-It should be light green in colour

-It should not be mouldy or blakish





-Pests and diseases control

-Sowing and transplanting

-Seed bed preparation.

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