WAEC GCE Jan/Feb 2018 Agric Science Practical Expo Answer

The Real and Verified WAEC GCE Agric science practical OBJ, ESSAY/Theory Questions and Answer – Nov/Dec 2018 Expo Runz

WAEC GCE Agricultural
Science Practical Questions
To determine the presence of microorganisms
in a soil sample
Conical flask I : At the end of the Experiment ,
the lime water in Conical flask I will turn milky
Conical flask II : At the end of the experiment,
the lime water in Conical flask II will remain
Fresh soil contains living organisms
-They improve soil structure
-They improve soil aeration
1b)This Experiment is Artificial Propagation by
– pollination agent which can be fail to
perform successfully are not required
– the hazards of fertilizatiom are avoided
– the new plants mature fast because the
offspring tend to acquires the age of the
– the offspring are true to types because there
is no mixture of hereditary characters.
1c)There is increase in photosynthesis
-Leads to high evaporation content in plant.
2a-Solar Power(Sun)
I)it is used in drying process
Ii)it can produce electricity
Iii)it is used in heating farm steads
I)It is easily available
ii)It is a very neat source of power
iii)it is very useful in farm photosynthesis
I)it is expensive to store and harness
ii)The energy from the sun can be erratic.its
not possible to control
iii)only available during the day
I)Electrical power
II)Solar power
III)Mechanical power
Iv)Human power
V)Water power


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