NECO GCE Physics Obj And Essay Questions and Answer – Nov/Dec 2017

NECO GCE Nov/Dec 2017 Physics Questions and Answer Expo

Physics OBJ:

I) Regular maintenance is essential to keep
machines and the work environment safe and
II) It helps to eliminate workplace hazards.
1aii) Electrolysis can be used for electroplating
of metals
3a) couple is a system of forces with a
resultant (a.k.a. net or sum) moment but no
resultant force.
4b) In plane mirror, if the object is
upright, the image is also upright, of same
size and does not change in size by moving
the mirror towards or away from the face.
*While* in concave mirror, if the object is
upright, the image is also upright but
magnified and increases in size by moving the
mirror away from the face.
Critical angle c is the incident angle in the
sender medium when the angle of refraction in
the less medium is 90%.
Sound waves are longitudinal wave(they travel
in the same direction as the vibration)
Light wave are transverse waves (they travel at
right angles to the vibration)
8a)i)wrapping the coil around an iron core.
II) adding more turns to the coil.
III) increasing the current flowing through the
11) E = hf₀ + 0.5[mv²]
E = Total energy of a single photon of incident light
h = Planck’s Constant = 6.63 x 10^-34
f₀ = Threshold Frequency
v = Velocity
 threshold frequency.=4.5×10^-7
E = 6.63 x 10^-34 x 0.0000045 + 0.5[1 x 3.8e^-7²]
E = 2.9835e-39 + 0.5[1 x 1.4442e-13]
E = 2.984e-39 + 7.220e^-14
E = 7.22e^-14
12cii)S = ((u + v)/2)t
S = Distance Covered
u = Initial Velocity
v = Final Velocity
t = Time
initial velocity =0m/s
final velocity =15m/s
time =4s
S = ((0 + 15) / 2) x 4
S = (15 / 2) x 4
S = 7.5 x 4
S = 30m
The degree to which a specified material
conducts electricity, calculated as the ratio of
the current density in the material to the
electric field which causes the flow of current.

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