NABTEB GCE Biology Practical Questions and Answers – Nov/Dec 2017

The NABTEB GCE Nov/Dec 2017 Biology practical Questions and Answer solution with verified Expo now available

i)Stamen( Filament, anther) 
ii)pistil(stigma, style, ovary)
ii)Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS)
i)Formation of strict law/punishment for illegal removal of plants and bush burning 
ii)Discouragement of deforestation
i)Blood helps to trasport materials,in the body including nutrients, water,salts and waste products.
ii)Blood helps in body defences against disease, neutrophils and
monocytes engulf and destroy invading microorganisms e.g. bacteria.
ii)Bacteria(Cyanobacteria=blue-green algae) 
i)Discouragement of deforestation and planting of Canopy trees
ii)prevention of overgrazing
i) it aid reduction  of soil fertility
ii)it reduces/ kill the living organisms of a soil surface
i) it leads to low production of crops
ii)Affect the availability of nitrogen to improve chlorophyll function.
i)By Construction of structure 
ii)By using wool as fuel
i) Both affect respiration of organism when  released to environment and microorganisms are voided in dust
ii)Smoke contain some green house gases which deplete the ozone layer
i)Hinge joint 
ii)Hinge joint
i)Ability to collect and store water
ii)Features that reduce water loss
Mendel’s first law of inheritance states that, ‘ the alleles of a given locus segregate into separate gametes.’
Mendel’s first law state that character of individual are situated in the gene which can be transfer from one generation to another
Kwashiokor (characterized by swollen stomach, ribs become prominent, yellow eye balls etc)
i=Butterfly net
ii=light meter/photo meter
iii=Rain Guage
iv=Wind Vane
v=Baermann Funnel
i) Amount of rainfall
ii) Direction of wind 
iii)Wind speed
a) Handle
b) Net
c) Funnel
d) Glass cylinder
e)Measuring cylinder 
g)Net or mash
h)measuring scale 
Ensured the Funnel is fixed to the measuring cylinder to enhance accurate reading of water volume
2)pigment spot(stigma)
3)paramylum granule 
4) pellicle
6)food vacuole
7)Contractile Vacuole 
8)Eye spot
Flagellum (part I) 
i)It is used for detecting light
ii)it is used for storage of starch 
iii)it is used for food storage
*(Pick only two)*
i) It has chlorophyll for photosynthesis
i)It uses holophytic mode of nutrition if light is present.
iii)Possession of pyrenoid.
*(pick only two)*
i)Possession of an eye part for light deflection.
ii)Possession of pellicle.
iii)Possession of a gullet and a food reservoirs
ix)Cashew fruit
x)Mango fruit 
xii)Pride of Barbados pod
b=swollen freshy receptacle
d=seed coat
ix)False fruit, indehiscent 
x)True fruit, simple fruit, succulent 
xii)simple true dry dehiscent
x)-Animal  Dispersal
xi)-Wind Dispersal
xiv)-Axis Vertebra 
xv) – Thoracic Vertebra 
xvi) – Lumber Vertebra 
1=Neural Spine
2= posterior Articular Surface
4=Neural spine
5=Transverse process
7=Neural spine
8=Neural Arch
9=Neural canal
10=Transverse process
1 Xiv) it allow  the head to be turned easily ie Twisting of the head
2 Xv) it aid the attachment of the ribs
3 xv)  It assists in breathing along side with the ribs
4 Xvi)  They bear Considerable weight of the body
Xiv)it is found in the neck region
Xv)it is found in the chest region
Xvi)It is found in the upper abdominal region
Differentiate XIV AND XVI
i) Absence of centrum 
ii) it has no vertebral body
iii)Absence of Transverse process 
i)presents of Centrum
ii) it has Vertebral body
iii)Possession of Transverse process

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