NABTEB GCE Agricultural Science Practical Questions and Answers – Nov/Dec 2017

NABTEB GCE Nov/Dec 2017 Agric. science practical Questions and Answer Expo

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determination of the rate capillarity of different soil samples capillary
Experiment to compare capillary action of soil types
A= test tube
B=cotton wool
D= Beaker
i)Get the three different soil samples ie clay,loamy and Sandy soil
ii)get three set of capillary tubes
iii)plug cotton wool at the each end of the tubes
iv)fill 3 beaker with water and insert the capillary tubes which are already filled with soil sample with the plugged end at the base
v)make note of the levels of the water as it rises in the tubes.
ix)The clay soil has the highest capillarity with Sandy soil with the lowest capillarity
i)the soil labelled III has the highest humus content
ii)it is very dark in color 
iii)it has the highest level of fertility
– Test tube III
A= ranging rod
B= marking pin
The equipment are used for surveying purposes
It can be used for marking or indicating a particular point on a Land
ii)measuring tape
iii)Plane table
iv)surveyor’s chains
i)By cleaning after use
ii)By keeping it in a cool dry place.
i)cassava tubers peeled, washed and grated or crushed into a mash
ii)the mash is being place in a porous bag and compressed for 1-3 hours to remove excess starchy water.
iii)the dried mash is then sieved
iv)the seived mash is then fried
v)the fried mash is allowed to be aired
ix)it results into garri
i)bacterial blight
ii)cassava mosaic
i)staking avoids rotting of leaves
ii)it give room for plants to grow upwards rather than creeping which enhances Photosynthesis
iii)it avoid overcrowding among crops
i)tuber cutting ie use of yam setts
ii)stem cutting
i)Egg Candler
ii)water trough 
iii)feeding trough
-i) To test the hatchability of eggs
-ii)To provide livestock with water
-iii)To provide feed to livestock
Choose Two
i)Eggs are liable to break easily
ii)Candling between the age of 11 and 14 days of incubation 
iii)Interrups the movement of Embryo to the length axis of the egg
i)Switch on the equipment to produced rays of light
ii)Place the egg on top of the case so that rays of lights pass through the egg
iii)Separate healthy egg from unhealthy ones
i)it is not easy to maintain 
ii) it increases cost of production
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