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NABTEB GCE 2017 Geography Practical Expo Answers – Nov/Dec

The NECO GCE Nov/Dec 2017 geography practical Questions and Answer/Solution Expo

Answer only four questions number 1 is compulsory

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Sedimentary Rock 
(i) Are form from sediment
(ii) They occur in layers
(iii) They contain strata
(iv) They contain fossils 
(i) Granite
(ii) Graphite
(iii) Slate
(iv) Marble
(i) Mans vital water supply.
(ii) Provision of building materials.
(iii) Source of fuel.
(iv) Serves as a source of economy.
(i) Atmosphere :- is the essential mixture of nitrogen and oxygen with smaller quantities of water vapour.
(ii) Hydrosphere :- These forms the ocean, seas,lakes and rivers which covers about three quarter of the earth surface.
(iii) Bio-sphere :- It lies at the interface between the lithosphere,hydro-sphere and atmosphere. 
(i) Regulation of earth temperature.
(ii) Protection from ultra violent rays of the sun.
(iii) Helps us to breath as atmosphere contains air.
(iv) Separates the earth from the space.
(i) Build the geographical database on the physical environment.
(ii) Support sampling strategy based on a spatial approach.
(iii) Define evolution in connection with global change.
(iv) Brings about remote sensing.
(i) Spatial data
(ii) Vector data
– Spacial Data :- is a geographical representation of features.
– Vector Data :- Represents a geographical feature through point line or polygon or combination of these.
(i) Open Topography
(ii) Open Street Map 
(iii) Esri Open Data
(iv) Natural Earth data

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