WAEC GCE Financial Accounting (Obj and Theory) 2017 Nov/Dec Expo Answer

WAEC GCE Financial Accounting Questions and Answer – Nov/Dec 2017 Expo Runz


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F/Account OBJ
i)trade discount An amount or rate by which the catalog, list, or retail price of an item is reduced when sold to a reseller.
ii)cash discount is a deduction allowed
by the seller of goods or by the provider of services in order to motivate the customer to pay within a specified time.
iii)bad debtis a monetary amountowed to a creditor that is unlikely to be paid and, or which the creditor is not willing to take action to collectbecause of various reasons, often due to the debtor not having the money to pay
iv)provision for doubtful debts is the estimated amount of bad debt that will arise from accounts receivable that have been issued but not yet collected.
v)bad debt recovery is business debt from a loan, credit line or accounts receivablethat is recovered either in whole or in part after it has been written off or classified as a bad debt.
i)Error of commission
ii)Error of principle
iii)Error of compensation
iv)Error of original entry
v)Error of transition
A suspense account is an account used on a temporary basis for any transaction or balance that cannot be identified.
3bi )
A reserve is an appropriation of profits for a specific purpose. The most common reserve is a capital reserve, where funds are set aside to purchase fixed assets. By setting aside a reserve, the board of directors is segregating funds from the general operating usage of a company.
A provision is the amount of an expense or reduction in the value of an asset that an entity elects to recognize now in its accounting system, before it has precise information about the exact amount of the expense or asset reduction
revenue is the term used to describe income earned through the provision of a business’ primarygoods or services, while expense is the term for a cost incurred in the process of producing or offering a primary business operation.
Easy formation
Tax advantage
Unlimited liability
Diffusion of risk
Sales lodger control account
Mar 2016
Sale journal =GH$112,415
cheque dishonoured =GH$300
cash refuned =GH$150
set off =GH$500
interested charge =GH$50
bal c|d =GH$125
total =GH$113,540
apr 2016
bal b|d =GH$6,540
Mar 2016
Bal b|d ={113540-112540} GH$1000
cash received =GH$101600
returnted inwards =GH$1700
discount allowwed =GH$2500
bad debt written off =GH$200
bal c|d =GH$6540
apr 2016
bal cld =GH$125
total =GH$113,540
Agege local government
Statement of capital expenditure for the year ended 31st
Extention of classroom =N400,000
construction of bridges =N635,000
purchase of drugs =N135,000
provision of street light =N74,500
renovation of office building =N106,500
Total= N1,351,000
31st Dec bal C|d =N1,351,000
Total =N1,351,000
statement of recurrent expeniture for the year ended
Entertainment =N45,900
training and development =65,330
maintenance of motor vehicle =55,800
administrative expenses =100,870
salaries of traditional chief =105,000
disposal of refuse =203,440
postages and salaries =123,450
personel cost =877,540
total =N1,577,330
31st dec bal c|d =N1,577,330
total =N1,577,330


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